Who are we?

I never know how to answer these types of questions.  I don’t want to seem to braggy yet I want to get the information out there so we can build our online presence.

So, I’ll just cut to the point and try to keep it short!  Stone Creek Boutique has had an online presence since 2011 when we sold our first product online.  We started out selling on eBay and then added Etsy as our one of our online marketplaces.  Our focus has changed from when we first began.  We used to sell anything and everything, but eventually we decided to focus on one main niche of products so that we could streamline our operations, but also provide high quality merchandise for you our customers.

Our love of vintage barware – the Mid Century era of the 50’s and 60’s especially – was evident when we took a look at what we loved to buy for our store.  So that’s where we began.  Selling vintage and unique wine glasses, ice buckets, champagne coupes, and so much more.

Now we have expanded again to offer an assortment of new and vintage items for all aspects of entertaining. From dinnerware to glassware to items for serving your tasty meals we’ve got you covered.

Here on this little blog of ours we plan to share entertaining tips, recipes, cocktails, decorations and all things you need to throw a spectacular dinner party, cocktail party, bbq or just a night in with friends!


So when you are planning your next fabulous get together check here first to find some ideas.

Oh!  And if you would like to receive our newsletter with updates, discounts and more sign up below and you will receive our exclusive list of 15 Party Planning Tips and Tricks.

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Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!



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