7 Must Haves for Your Bar Cart


For me, bar carts conjure up images of class and sophistication.  A time when cocktail parties and dinner parties were the major social events in a person’s social calendar.  When men wore suits and the ladies dressed in their finest cocktail dresses and pearls.

When we see images on television and movies from the 50’s and 60’s era there always seems to be a bar cart lurking in the corner just waiting for the spontaneous cocktail hour – always elegantly stocked and stylishly adding to the decor of the room.

During the 1970’s homes were being built with built-in bars with all the amenities. Wet bars anyone?  And thus the bar cart became lost in the new modern conveniences offered in the new homes.

However, in recent years the bar cart has made a resurgence!  Like most classic items, they fade away for a time, but always come back because they are just that great!  The bar cart allows you to always be ready to serve, ready to inspire, and ready to add just a bit of glamour to your home!

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Stocking your bar cart is a matter of personal opinion,  as each person has their own preference depending upon their personal tastes.  But, a few essentials will make serving your guests with classic cocktails a breeze!

  1.   Cocktail Recipe Book – This is always to good to have on hand for spur of the moment cocktail requests.
With over 1,000 recipes this cocktail guide will provide with endless recipes in which to amaze your guests!

2.  Bartender tools set – this is essential when creating tantalizing concoctions!


3. Cocktail Napkins – There are some really cute cocktail napkins available.  Some you can even have personalized with your own home bar slogan or name.


4.  Mixers and spirits – You should have at least 3 base spirits so you can create a variety of cocktails.  You can create hundreds of recipes with Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Gin or Rum.  Choose your favorites! For those just beginning you can purchase one bottle of aromatic bitters to have on hand.

5. Cocktail Shaker – You’ll want to have a cocktail shaker to properly prepare those drinks that require shaking.  Depending on the style you choose for your bar cart you can tailor your cocktail shaker to that look.  For instance if you are going for a vintage look you may like to purchase something like the one below:


Or you can find something fabulous and contemporary like this one:


6. Cocktail Glasses – You’ll want to invest in some gorgeous glassware for you new bar cart.  As with your cocktail shaker, the direction you take will determine which type of glasses you want to include.  Vintage:


Or something more contemporary or modern:


Of course you can always marry vintage with modern and create your own unique look!

7.  Swizzle sticks, wine glass charms and other fun accessories – A few unique touches made with inexpensive accessories can go a long way to tying your look together.



Have fun and let me know what your favorite items you like to have for your bar cart.

Until next time,


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