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15 unique Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love

Mother's Day Gifts


It’s upon us once again!  Mother’s Day is coming up fast and if you are like me you are scratching your head wondering what to get your dear, beloved momma.  At this point in my Mom’s life, she seems to have everything she needs or wants – she’s not high maintenance like me.  So I try to find unique gifts that she will enjoy using. I’ve compiled a list of 15 different gifts to get your mom that she will love!

  1.  Mom Fuel Coffee Mug

    This mug is perfect for busy moms.  Fill with your favorite beverage…shhh we won’t tell if you put wine in there! 😉


2.  Mother’s Day Spa Gift Basket

This is just what mom needs to pamper herself!


3.  Eat it or Starve Trivet

Everyone Mom knows what it’s like having to find something everyday to cook for dinner.  This funny trivet is perfect for expressing how we all feel on some days.


4. Zebra Print Tea Kettle

This quirky whistling tea kettle is perfect for making tea but also as a kitchen decor as well!


5.  School of Fish Stemless Wine Glasses

These wine glasses hold 17 ounces and are perfect for relaxing with your favorite wine or cocktail!


6. Mother’s Day Relaxation Gift Basket

Perfect excuse for Mom to sit and relax.  Assorted tea, a mug with a nice poem about moms and a cute decorative sign that says “Housework won’t kill you but why take the chance?” Plus a magnet that let’s mom know how much she means to you!


7.  Simple Pleasures Bath Bomb Gift Set

4 individually wrapped bath bombs in assorted scents all wrapped up in a pretty gift box with a bow.  Mom will love it!


8.  Metal Wind Chimes Camper Theme

Does Mom love the open road?  Does traveling around in her RV or Camper make her happy?  This decorative wind chime is perfect to decorate her home on wheels or your home without wheels. 🙂


9.  Mother’s Day Premium Deluxe Spa Gift Basket

This is Premium Deluxe Gift Basket has everything mom needs to relax in style!  Bath Bombs, Shower Gel, Body Scrub, a wonderfully scented candle with a heartwarming message and a bath loofah.


10.  Mermaid Stemless Wine Glasses

Is your mom free spirited?  Love the beach?  Strong and independent?  Then she will absolutely adore these Mermaid stemless wine glasses!


11. Mother’s Day Home Decor Gift Baskets

This is definitely a gift for the mom who has everything!  These home decor gift baskets come with a magnet that lets your mom know how much you appreciate her, a cute decorative wooden sign and a sweet ceramic trinket dish that is perfect for keeping keys, change or other odds and end.

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12.  All you need is love and the beach wood sign

Need we say more?  Who doesn’t love the beach?


13.  Mother’s Day Theme Deluxe Spa Gift Basket

Beautifully displayed gift basket with shower gel, body scrub, bath loofah and heartwarming mom candle as well as a ceramic trinket dish.  Any mom would love to receive this on Mother’s Day!


14. Plush Throw Blanket with Chevron Pattern

This plush throw blanket is perfect for chilly summer nights and the chevron design adds a stylish look when thrown over the couch or chair.


15.  Norpro Fresh Herb Keeper

Does your mom love to cook?  She will love these fresh herb keepers.  Perfect to have in the refridgerator to always have your favorite herbs on hand!



If you are still looking for other ideas for Mother’s Day you can read my blog post from last year.

I will be spending mother’s day with my own mother this year.  The first time in 20 years!  I am so excited!  Hopefully this year will be better than last year’s mother’s day.  You can read all about that here.

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Confessions From a Tired Mother of Teenagers

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I recently came across a meme that accurately describes my feelings about raising my teenagers at this very moment.


Most of the “mom” blogs out there seem to focus on parenting little toddler children.  But what about those of us who have managed to trudge through the toddler years only to find ourselves in the quicksand of raising teenagers.  And yes, sometimes it feels quicksand-like.  I’m being pulled under by their constant mood swings, self-involved attitudes, general lack of caring for anything other than themselves.


Take for my son for instance.  He’s 16.  He’s been driving for about 4 months now.  In that time I have looked for his wallet about 240 times.  (For those counting that’s an average of twice a day.)  Seriously, I feel like I spent the first half of my marriage looking for my husband’s wallet and car keys and now I am spending the second half of my marriage looking for my son’s.  And it’s not that I mind helping him find stuff, but it’s the attitude of it’s my fault because he can’t find something.  As if I spend the little bit of free time that I have going around the house and hiding his stuff – ’cause you know, it’s fun hunting for crap that’s been misplaced.

And it’s not just the car keys and wallet.  It’s his glasses, his calculator, his homework, his band music.  Sigh.

But the hardest of them all is my 14-year-old daughter.  I swear there should be a medal of some sort for mom’s who survive raising a daughter.  Or at the very least a t-shirt.


I was a sassy daughter.  My mother is a saint for having put up with me.  How she did it without causing me serious bodily harm I will never know.  I mean, when I ask her how she did it she always says she would rather raise a son 10 times over than raise another daughter.  I think I will order the above t-shirt for her.  She deserves it.

Back to my 14-year-old.

I get that she started high school last week.  I understand that she is tired.  I am sympathetic to her busy schedule.  Volleyball practice everyday after school plus band practice once per week as well as keeping up with homework is stressful.  I get it.  But man is she mouthy.  Even just the simple act of answering yes is sassy.  Mothers of teenage daughters know what I’m talking about here.  The huge sigh…the eye roll…the yesssss…mom.

Copyright: dobledphoto / 123RF Stock Photo

Oh, and apparently, my use of silverware and how it may make a small noise while eating is just too much for her to handle. Because you know, it just so annoying!

Maybe it’s the solar eclipse that’s happening today that has my children’s moods going every which way.  I sure hope so.  All I can do is keep loving them, but man they sure make it hard sometimes.  Now I understand what my mom meant when she said I always love you, but sometimes I don’t like you. Ha!  I totally get it now Mom!

How do you handle the in’s and out’s of raising teens?  Like this post and let me know I’m not alone out here!

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